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Felgo extends Qt with 200+ APIs, Unique Tooling and Cloud Services.


200+ APIs on Top of Qt

Felgo extends Qt to fast-forward your development.
Since 2014, Felgo is an official Qt Tech Partner.

  • Advanced controls and native navigation
  • Theming and style
  • Density independence
  • Responsive layout
  • File handling (local/remote)
  • Data management and model/view
  • Multimedia
  • REST networking
  • Native dialogs and features

You can mix Felgo APIs with existing Qt & QML code!


Felgo at a Glance

Check out the latest handout and Felgo QML component reference. Get a quick overview about the most important Felgo features, services and most useful Felgo and Qt QML components. Perfect to print and put on your desk!


Felgo Professional Services


All services are offered on-site, remote or in our Vienna office. Available internationally.

Qt Development Services

  • Mobile, Desktop & Embedded
  • HMI and UI/UX development
  • Standalone or support dev team
  • Qt application optimization
  • Cross-platform development

Qt Trainings & Workshops

  • Qt & QML development
  • Felgo development
  • Cross-platform development
  • HMI development
  • Qt workflow optimizations

Felgo CEO & Co-Founder Christian Feldbacher on-stage at Qt World Summit 2019

How to better use your time - our productivity tips for Qt developers

  • How to optimize each step of the development lifecycle 
  • How to use code hot reload & automated testing tools
  • Which components can help to accelerate your development process
  • CI/CD tips for Qt applications
  • How to effectively distribute product updates
  • How to measure, analyze and improve Qt applications

How Felgo enables excellence developing apps with Qt - aim high!

For an application to comply with modern UX guidelines, it needs to provide an optimized experience based on the target platform and input method. It should adapt the information shown (“adaptive layouts”) based on the available screen size. It is the details that determine if an application is just ok and usable, or outstanding. Outstanding products are what we should aim for! 

What our Customers Say


"We wanted to make a really good product - no compromises on quality due to time constraints. This is why we went for a supplier like Felgo. It was just a seamless way of working together."

Killisperger GmbH

"We use Felgo because of the integrated plugins, the live code reloading and the nice looking native components. It just saves so much time & makes my life easy!"


"I really had a good feeling about the team already just from working with the Felgo SDK. The working relationship was easy, excellent results, great team.

Felgo really stepped up to the plate and honored my faith."

Native UI/UX from a Single Code Base

Create iOS and Android apps with native look and feel, with 100% shared code base.

  • Native iOS / Cupertino styling
  • Native Android & iOS controls and navigation
  • Display cutout & notch support
  • Share code for mobile, desktop and embedded

QML Hot Reload with Felgo Live

Accelerate your development speed with live code reloading.

  • Instant reload of QML & JS code. Persisted state.
  • Simultaneous testing on multiple devices
  • Save hours on time-consuming deployment
  • Simulate platforms at runtime
  • Develop for iOS from Windows and Linux
  • Deploy OTA updates of your live application



Stop Waiting for Build, Package and Deployment Steps

  • Change your QML & JavaScript source code and view the result in realtime
  • It applies QML, JavaScript and asset changes instantly on every connected device, immediately after saving
  • Reduce the long waiting times for build and deployment steps to only a couple of seconds

Felgo for WebAssembly

With Felgo for WebAssembly, you get an improved version of the Qt WASM port, with several fixes and additional features. This allows you to put production-ready Felgo and Qt apps to the web, from your existing code-base.

You can also use QML Hot Reload to develop for WebAssembly.!


Felgo Cloud Builds (CI/CD)

Automate your workflows to save precious time.

  • Exclusive CI/CD for Qt and Felgo projects
  • Automated builds for mobile,
    desktop & embedded
  • Integrate with your existing CI/CD
  • Cut time for setup & maintenance of tools, Qt versions & dependencies
  • Cut time to build updates & test versions
  • Integrate with Git/SVN
  • Hosted by Felgo or on-premise

Native Plugins & Integrations

No need to reinvent the wheel. Integrate third party services and platform-specific functionality into your applications.

  • Push notifications (OneSignal, Google)
  • Analytics (Google, Firebase, Amplitude)
  • Facebook
  • Firebase (user authentication, realtime database, cloud storage)
  • Ads & In-app purchases (subscriptions)
  • Beta testing + crash Reporting

Felgo Cloud Services Backend & Frontend

The Qt-friendly cross-platform backend solution.

  • User authentication via Email, Facebook, Google
  • Friend management, user search
  • QML UI, fully styleable
  • Gamification (achievements, leaderboards)
  • Chat & push notifications
  • Cloud data storage
  • Realtime data sync
  • Hosted by Felgo or on-premise
  • Works on mobile, desktop & embedded

Augmented Reality, AI, Machine Learning

The future is now. Add augmented reality or machine learning powered by Felgo APIs.

  • Image & Object Recognition
    Use the device's camera to track images and 3D objects in realtime.
  • Geo AR
    Use the device's sensors to track points of interest (POIs) in realtime.
  • Instant Tracking
    Use the device's sensors and camera to position virtual objects in the real world.
  • Cloud Recognition
    Store your recognition data in the cloud and edit it while your app is already published.
  • TensorFlow
    Artificial intelligence & machine learning

Embedded Development with Felgo

Create high performance embedded system apps & second screen apps. Native performance and rapid UI creation, powered by C++ & JavaScript. Learn more about embedded development with Felgo on this dedicated page.

Native Navigation

The navigation paradigms on iOS and Android are different. On iOS you have a swipe-back gesture to navigate back in a navigation stack. On Android you usually use a navigation drawer that slides in from the left side. Felgo Apps abstracts these navigation differences and allows you to use just a single Navigation component, that works cross-platform.


Simulate Platform at Runtime

Speed up your development and testing time with the live platform simulation feature by Felgo: Simulate any platform and change it at runtime on your PC!

The native components and navigation automatically change their style to the new platform. This allows you to rapidly test how your app looks like on iOS and Android on your Desktop PC. The start time of your app goes from 1-2 minutes, down to just a few seconds!

Responsive Design

Did you optimize your app for smartphone AND tablet already? This can be a tricky challenge, because with wider screens you can show more information in your app and make the user experience even better. If you optimize for smartphone only, you’re reducing your potential for success.

With Felgo, you don’t need to change your existing code but can use the same source code for phones & tablets. You get a “tablet view” with a navigation page on the left and the actual content page on the right automatically when the screen gets bigger.


Save 80% code and more!

Felgo allows you to save huge amounts of code, compared with pure Qt projects, or other frameworks and languages. This results in less maintenance effort, fewer errors and increased development speed.

Here are 2 quick case studies, to show you the potential code savings for your own applications.

App Felgo lines of code Qt lines of code
Qt World Summit Conference App 1,900 QML
10 C++
1,910 total
92% less source code!
7,200 QML
16,000 C++
23,200 Total
Real Estate Search
450 QML
10 C++
460 total
80% less source code!
820 QML
1,470 C++
2,290 total


Let's make something great together and join our satisfied customers:



  • Do I need a Qt commercial license for Felgo?

    Felgo can be used with both the open-source and the commercial Qt licenses.

  • If I use the Qt open-source license, do I need to make my project open-source?

    No. The Qt open-source license requires you to comply with LGPLv3, but this does not mean that you need to share your own source code.

  • I have existing Qt code, can I migrate and re-use it with Felgo?

    Felgo adds components, tooling and services on top of the Qt core. The Qt core itself is unmodified and you will be able to use your existing code together with Felgo.

  • Can I use Felgo plugins for monetization, analytics and more in my Qt app?

    Felgo plugins can also be integrated into Qt projects that do not use any Felgo components. You can [contact us](https://felgo.com/contact) to get more info.

  • What happens to my published apps, if my Felgo commercial license expires?

    Your published apps will stay fully functional, also after your license expires. You will not be able to release new updates that include commercial Felgo features, after your license expires.

  • Is Felgo open-source?

    Felgo offers a free license for Personal use. Commercial users of the Business license can obtain access to the source code, based on individual agreements. Demos and examples provided by Felgo are open-source.

  • My question is not answered here. What can I do?

    If you have questions about our licenses or billing, please get in touch with us by Email.