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Felgo for Corporate Solutions

Companies worldwide choose Felgo to build feature-rich apps that delight their customers.

  • T-Mobile
  • Rustans
  • Qt World Summit

Entertainment & Felgo

Agencies & Creatives use Felgo to create apps with 3D content and Augmented Reality environments.

  • Copella
  • Tamba

Navigation & Utility powered by Felgo

Geo-location based apps and maps integration is made easy with Felgo.

  • OpenNow
  • Berlin Vegan
  • Nysset

Games made with Felgo

Game Studios worldwide opt for Felgo to build
million-times downloaded multiplayer games.

  • Maysalward
  • DonkeyCat
  • DoubleAGames

T-Mobile offers a service to support parents protecting their child against inappropriate content on the Internet. The app is the "command center" to specify which websites and applications a child has access to and which are blocked.

Why Felgo?

Bringing an app to the platforms iOS, Android and Windows Phone always brings up a technology question. T-Mobile opted for Felgo, which turned out to be perfect development solution for such products.

  • Single Sign-On (SSO): Connecting available authentication infrastructure from within the app
  • Push Notifications: Inform parents about threats and harmful activity on children's smartphones

T‑Mobile Polska S.A.


“As we did not want to make a compromise in user experience, we opted for Felgo.”

Digital Business, T-Mobile Polska S.A.

The loyalty app for Rustan's department stores enriches customers' shopping experience with a digital loyalty card and exclusive offers.

Why Felgo?

One of the main concerns during the evaluation of cross-platform tools was keeping a native look & feel. Felgo was the only solution that met that requirement to the full extent.

  • QR Code Rendering: Included loyalty card parsed at shopping terminals
  • Multimedia content presentation of special offers, exclusive brands & products

Rustan Commercial Corporation

Qt World Summit

The official app for Qt World Summit Conference provided by The Qt Company & Felgo.

Why Felgo?

With Felgo as a technology partner of The Qt Company, we teamed up and developed the app within a few weeks. This was possible thanks to the "Felgo Conference" app template, which is easy to use for all kinds of conferences and events.

  • Feature-Rich: Browse the schedule and see detailed information for all talks and speakers, manage a personal schedule by adding favorites
  • Felgo SocialView: Connect with other participants, chat & schedule meetings
  • QR Code Reader: Scan attendee QR codes and export contacts to phone or via email
  • Push Notifications: Get notified of upcoming favored sessions
  • Offline Mode: App works offline for browsing conference data & images

The Qt Company & Felgo

Qt World Summit Qt World Summit

“Felgo allowed launching the first version of the app within two months.”

Marketing Department, The Qt Company

ubibon enables companies to provide digital lunch vouchers for employees to benefit from tax incentives.

Why Felgo?

Felgo allowed launching the first version of the app within two months for both platforms iOS and Android. Thanks to the fast release, we were able to onboard enterprise companies almost half a year before our initial plan.

  • Tax compliance for companies using the ubibon solution
  • Upload of receipt photos taken with the app
  • Companies can brand the app with their corporate identity

Paybon GmbH


“We onboarded enterprise companies almost half a year before our initial plan.”

Richard Lutschounig, CEO Paybon GmbH

CYAN AG is the leading European provider of white-label IT security solutions with more than 15 years of experience. Cyan uses Felgo as a mobile framework for provided apps.

Why Felgo?

With the Felgo company, we found a partner with an easy to maintain, and future-proof solution for multiple platforms.
Felgo stands for well-looking apps combined with the flexibility of low-level system access required for our security products.

  • White-labeled, easily brandable apps for security applications
  • Used and distributed by several network operators, virtual network operators & financial services



“Felgo creates well-looking apps with flexible operating system access.”

Product Management, Cyan AG

Copella uses real-time pitch detection algorithms and live visualization to teach singing from beginners to professionals.

Why Felgo?

Using Felgo as a front-end with simple off the shelf components, QML for custom visual components and the entirety of Qt and C++ as a back-end makes even the most difficult apps easy to build.

  • Real-time pitch detection and live visualization for instant feedback on singing performance
  • Included lesson plan: From simple notes to scales & complex melodies
  • Gamification: Long-time motivation with gamified experience for training plans

Papillon Studios


“Felgo allows easy C++ integration for performance-sensitive tasks like pitch detection.”

Fayzan Ahmed, Lead Development

ARamba is an innovative marketing platform for retail to generate loyal customers with an Aaugment Reality (AR) gameplay.

Why Felgo?

The ARamba strategy required to add geolocation and augmented reality features to a single product, both for Android & iOS. Thanks to the Felgo Team and their support, we were able to realize that with a single development platform. It also pleased us to use the integrated Felgo Game Network for gamification to implement features that were not on our roadmap for the first release.

  • Location-based, AR Game: Integration of Mapbox maps, geolocation awareness & augmented reality with 3D objects
  • Usage of push notifications, 3D content and a mix of native UI elements with custom widgets

08/17 - ANDERS kommunizieren


“One of the best platforms for cross-platform AR experiences.”


Tamba is the all-in-one e-commerce solution for fishing parks in Brazil, from placing orders to geo-aware delivery and detailed information about fishing parks nearby.

Why Felgo?

Undoubtedly, Felgo has helped us increase productivity and save more than 30% on app development compared to similar platforms.

  • Place orders and set delivery from within the app
  • Mapbox integration with nearby parks and detailed information for planning the next trips

Walter Nakano & Andrei Souza, Tamba App Team


“We saved more than 30% on Tamba app development compared to similar platforms.”

Walter Nakano, Tamba App Development

OpenNow lists & navigates to the nearest opened retail shops.

Why Felgo?

As the first attempt to bring our online offerings to the app stores, we decided for the cross-platform capabilities of Felgo. Especially the one-time integration of our existing API layers saved a lot of development efforts, as we only need to implement, test and maintain the logic once.

  • Maps & Navigation: Show nearest retail shops by category & opening hours, including full-text search
  • User-Generated Content: User ratings and recommendations

Vertical Media (A HEROLD Business Data GmbH Company)

Berlin Vegan

The Berlin-Vegan Guide provides a quick and easy overview over vegan food and shopping possibilities.

Why Felgo?

Knowing that with Felgo the heavy lifting of porting an app to iOS has already been done for us was a very relieving thought for a small software development team.
Felgo supports its developers really well in attaining a native look and feel on iOS and Android; a feature completely lacking on plain Qt.

  • Maps: Lists the closest vegan, vegetarian or vegan-friendly venues with detailed information
  • Browse and filter venues depending on various criteria
  • Open Source: GitHub

Julian Strobl, Team Berlin-Vegan

Berlin Vegan

"Felgo provides a native look and feel on iOS & Android; a feature lacking on plain Qt.”


Nysset provides access to public transport system timetables, routes, stop locations and real-time vehicle information for the Finnish wider area.

Why Felgo?

As an enthusiastic Qt/QML developer, Felgo was the obvious choice when looking for a multiple platform development tool.
For some time I had been implementing my own component libraries to enable cross-platform development. After seeing the rich framework provided by Felgo with native look & feel for different platforms, I decided to give it a go, and never looked back.

  • Timetables in real-time and bus stop overview for multiple cities
  • Maps: Map with nearby stops & route planning
  • Full-text search for stops, bus lines and more

Janne Kokko


“Whether you are developing Qt applications for just one or multiple platforms, Felgo is an excellent choice.”

Buddy In Tour

Buddy In Tour is probably the most powerful free app for truckers. The easiest way to control your trucker’s life. With Buddy In Tour you are able to manage transport orders and return to them whenever you want.

  • All transport orders are always at hand
  • You can make sure you pay for orders
  • You know what you spend on the road
  • You know how much you earn
  • Search for gas stations in your area
  • A modern look suited to your needs
  • Offline mode

Scythe Studio

Buddy In Tour
Maysalward Maysalward

Maysalward is the first mobile game development company in the Middle East and is recognized as the leader of mobile games development in the region.

Why Felgo?

Felgo allowed us to bring our existing Symbian games developed with QML to Android and iOS in less than a week! Not only we got a strong platform to port our games, but also got a professional Support from the Felgo team that eases our mission. I am really glad we found this game engine because working with QtQuick and JavaScript is a huge time-saver and we can now create new games rapidly.

  • Multiplayer: Uses Felgo Multiplayer with turn-based multiplayer gaming, matchmaking and ELO rating system.
  • Social Features: Features adding friends, comparing highscores, sending invites and chat messages within the game.

Nour Khrais, CEO Maysalward


“Working with Felgo is a huge time-saver and we can now create new games rapidly.”

Nour Khrais, CEO Maysalward

DonkeyCat is a leading mobile game studio from Austria with more than 1.1 Mio app downloads and 150.000 monthly users. DonkeyCat focuses on mobile card games, such as popular Schnopsn and Hosn Obe games.

Why Felgo?

We are committed to creating easy interaction between all users, even if using different platforms, and to providing great usability. Things we found in Felgo Multiplayer!

  • Multiplayer: Uses Felgo Multiplayer with turn-based multiplayer gaming, private and public rooms.
  • Social Features: Features adding friends, comparing highscores, sending invites and chat messages within the game.

DonkeyCat GmbH


“Great usability across different platforms, things we found in Felgo Multiplayer.”

Lead Development Team of DonkeyCat
One Card

Get ready to play “One Card!” with friends, family and fans from around the world in this great card game. Clear all your cards in this fun variation of Crazy Eights or UNO! Enjoy a free multiplayer experience or play solo in singleplayer mode with fun gameplay. Level up with the level system and compare your score with players worldwide in this fun card game. The full source code of this game made with Felgo Multiplayer is available in the Felgo SDK.

  • Multiplayer and Leaderboards powered by Felgo Game Network.
  • Allows playing with other "One Card!" players from all over the world in multiplayer matches.
  • Social features to stay in touch: game invites, chat messages, friend lists, user profiles with personalization & customization features.
One Card
DoubleAGames DoubleAGames

Double “A” Games is the publisher of child-directed games based on the popular Cheekio Chimp book series and uses Felgo to create games like Cheekio Jungle Adventures and Cheekio Virus.

Why Felgo?

Felgo made it possible to turn our idea of Cheekio the little chimp into reality. QML is a great language choice for getting great results quickly. And with the plugins for ads, in-app purchases and analytics, we were able to monetize our games and publish them to iOS & Android in one go.

  • Social Features: Beat highscores and compare with friends and other players.
  • Optimized for mobile: Intuitive, touch-based control.
  • Physics-based gameplay: Requires skill and reflex action for long-term play retention.

Amarjit Atwal


“With Felgo, we were able to monetize our games and publish them to iOS & Android in one go.”

Amarjit Atwal, CEO Double A Games
Level Editor for Platformers

In this platformer you can create your very own levels, and compete for the highscore in levels created by other people around the world. The full source code of this game made with Felgo Level Editor is available in the Felgo SDK.

  • Level sharing and Leaderboards powered by Felgo Game Network.
  • Build your own levels and share them with thousands of gamers worldwide.
  • Download, play and rate levels from others.

Level Editor for Platformers

Remember those dark nights spent terrified of monsters under the bed? Well now it's time to strike back!

Stop the cute Squabies with merciless weapons before they reach your bed in this classic tower defense game. Play in 10 thrilling levels created by the Felgo team and defend your bed in thousands of user-generated levels. Squaby is an easy to play and hard to master TD game, usable by everyone for free.

The full source code of this game is available in the Felgo SDK.

  • Level sharing and Leaderboards powered by Felgo Game Network.
  • Build your own levels and share them with thousands of gamers worldwide. Collect rewards & achievements for building cool levels.
  • Download, play and rate levels from others.
  • Per-Level leaderboards showcase the best strategic players.

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The Best Resources for Your Idea

Felgo offers various tutorials and demo games for most common game genres.

Games where players play against each other using cards.

Card Game
like UNO, Hearthstone or Poker

In match-3 (tile-matching) games the player manipulates tiles in order to make them disappear according to a matching criterion, like 3 tiles of the same type. The core challenge of tile-matching games is the identification of patterns on a seemingly chaotic board.

like Candy Crush Saga

Puzzle is a highly extensible term, which can refer to all kinds of "use your brain (or some luck?) to solve something" type of game.

like 2048 or Threes!

Felgo also offers components for casino games, slot games in particular. Spin to win!

like Big Win Slots

Games where the level automatically scrolls in one direction and the player has to pass the incoming obstacles, collect objects, etc.

Side Scroller
like Jetpack Joyride or Flappy Bird

The goal of tower defense games is to try to stop the enemies from reaching a specific point on the map by building a variety of different towers which shoot at them as they pass.

Tower Defense
like Castle Defense or Bloons TD

The player uses platforms or similar to progress through the level, either upwards (Jump) or downwards (Falldown). Missing the platforms can quickly lead to losing the game. The level can either scroll constantly, or follow the player, but usually only in the "positive" direction.

Falldown & Jump
like Doodle Jump or Mega Jump

Jump'n'run games where you try to defeat enemies and reach the end of the level. Unlike the Side Scrollers, the level does not scroll automatically in one direction but you control in which direction you are moving.

like Super Mario or Lep's World

Games which require fast thinking paired with good reaction times. Most often action games are physics-based.

like Angry Birds, Fruit Ninja, Cut the Rope

Old but Gold, those timeless classics could use a revive, what are you waiting for?

like Arkanoid or Space Invaders

Tired of creating countless levels to keep your players attracted to your game? Why not let your players do this for you? Reward them for their effort, let them create a living community by themselves.

like Super Mario Maker or Minecraft
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