• Felgo-Release-Roadmap

    V-Play is Now Felgo – New Release & Roadmap

    By Christian February 14, 2019

    Today marks a big milestone: V-Play is now called Felgo and got a new facelift. In this article you will learn: Why we did the rebranding from V-Play to Felgo Why this will benefit you What the Felgo roadmap looks like How to update to the latest Felgo release Reasons for Rebranding V-Play to Felgo The first official version of …

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  • Release 2.14.0: Live Code Reloading for Desktop, iOS & Android

    By Christian November 22, 2017

    Felgo 2.14.0 adds Live Code Reloading for Desktop, iOS & Android. It allows you to run and reload apps & games within a second on iOS and Android from Windows and Linux. No Mac and Android SDKs required. It also updates the way we distribute Android & iOS updates. If you have Felgo for iOS or Android installed, make sure …

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  • V-Play 2.13.2 Release: iOS 11, Android Oreo, Qt Creator 4.4.1, Qt 5.9.2

    Release 2.13.2: Update to Qt 5.9.2 & Qt Creator 4.4.1 | Android Oreo & iOS 11 Fixes & Many Improvements

    By Christian October 24, 2017

    Felgo 2.13.2 adds support for Qt Creator 4.4.1 and Qt 5.9.2 which fixes Android deployment issues with the latest Android SDK (Android Oreo) and NDK versions and adds support for iOS 11. It also stores your previous window position and size to accelerate the development process and adds many bug fixes and improvements. Qt 5.9.2 & Qt Creator 4.4.1 Support …

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  • Release 2.13.1: Qt Creator 4.4 Upgrade, Mac & Linux Improvements

    By Christian September 21, 2017

    Felgo 2.13.1 adds support for Qt Creator 4.4 and brings improvements for developers using Mac & Linux. There are also various other fixes and new improvements, for example for the Flurry and OneSignal Push Notifcation plugin. Let’s get to the details of these improvements… Qt Creator 4.4 Support QtCreator 4.4 adds many improvements, especially for developers using C++ in their …

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  • Release 2.13.0: Free Rewarded Videos & Native Ads for Google AdMob and Qt

    Release 2.13.0: Free Rewarded Videos & Native Ads for Google AdMob and Qt

    By Christian August 24, 2017

    Felgo 2.13.0 adds rewarded videos and native ads as two more ad types to the free AdMob Plugin. This allows you to better monetize your app or game and enables you to earn more revenue from your app! This update also adds support to get the phone contact list on Android & iOS and to get the phone number of …

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  • Release 2.12.2: Firebase Realtime Listeners & Qt Creator Designer Icons

    Release 2.12.2: Firebase Realtime Listeners & Qt Creator Designer Icons

    By Christian August 2, 2017

    Felgo 2.12.2 adds support for Realtime Database Listeners to the Firebase Plugin, which allows your app to get notified whenever your data changes. In addition, the recently improved Qt Creator Designer now comes with icons for all Felgo types to let you distinguish the different components more easily. Felgo 2.12.2 comes as a free update for all Felgo developers. Firebase Realtime …

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  • V-Play Update 2.12.1: Qt Quick Designer Improvements

    Release 2.12.1: Visual Editor & Qt Quick Designer Improvements

    By Christian July 6, 2017

    Felgo 2.12.1 adds many improvements to better support Qt Quick Designer with Felgo: All Felgo Core Components are now available in the side bar of the designer, which allows to use Drag’n’Drop for adding Felgo components to your QML files with the designer. When Felgo components are used, the designer now supports rendering all QML items in addition to the …

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  • Release 2.12.0: Qt 5.9 & Qt Creator 4.3 Support

    By Christian June 22, 2017

    Felgo 2.12.0 adds support for Qt 5.9 and the latest Qt Creator 4.3. Qt 5.9 adds many great features like support for gamepads and 3D key frame animations. Qt Creator 4.3 adds a much improved design mode, which allows you to write QML code side-by-side with a visual representation of the code. This allows rapid prototyping of UIs. Felgo 2.12.0 …

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  • Release 2.11.0: All Monetization Plugins Now Free, Plugin Trial & Firebase Qt Plugin

    By Christian May 24, 2017

    Felgo 2.11.0 adds many improvements to Felgo plugins: All monetization plugins for in-app purchases and advertisements are now free to use in all licenses, including the Personal License! You can test all other plugins (for analytics, push notifications, crash reporting, beta distribution) in your free license too. It is a lot easier now to add these plugins to your projects …

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  • Release 2.10.0: New App Showcase, Multiplayer & Multi-Language Improvements, Qt 5.8

    By Christian February 2, 2017

    Felgo 2.10.0 is here and it includes all the new features of Qt 5.8, as well as Qt Creator 4.2. It adds a new Showcase App which combines all Felgo app demos in one application. It includes some of the most common app components used today and you can access it’s full source code from your Felgo installation. You can …

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