• Release 2.9.1: Multiplayer Enhancements & Plugin Updates

    By Christian August 25, 2016

    Felgo 2.9.1 is now available to download. This update improves the Felgo Multiplayer by adding a single player option and a new latency testing feature, as well as general improvements to the multiplayer game example. When you update to Felgo 2.9.1, you can also include the latest Android libraries, Play Services libraries 9.4.0, for all of your Felgo Plugins. This provides your …

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  • Release 2.8.6: Multiplayer Game ONU & New Native Features

    By Christian July 20, 2016

    Felgo 2.8.6 is now available for download. It includes a new multiplayer game and native features for storing contacts and accessing app store pages. It also includes fixes and improvements to several Felgo Plugins like AdMob, Chartboost and Facebook. Update Now! This update is free to all existing Felgo users. Get your free download of Felgo now and you can …

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  • Release 2.8.5: Felgo Game Network Improvements & New Image Sharing Functionality

    By Christian June 16, 2016

    Release 2.8.5 is now available for download and as a free update to all Felgo users. This update features improvements to the Felgo Game Network and a host of bug fixes to give you the best Felgo experience. Update Now! If you’d like to make cross-platform apps and games but haven’t signed up for Felgo yet, you can download the SDK for …

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  • Map-Based Apps

    Release 2.7.0: New App Components, Qt Maps Demo & Project Templates

    By Christian February 3, 2016

    The latest Felgo release, 2.7.0, adds many new features to Felgo Apps! Besides making a number of general improvements to the app SDK, a new Qt Creator project wizard and improved Qt map support (with Mapbox and OpenStreetMap as map providers) have been included. There’s also a number of styling improvements with the addition of new icon buttons, page controls …

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  • v-play-widgets-wide

    Felgo 2.6.2 Release: Android Material Design, New Documentation

    By Christian December 10, 2015

    The latest Felgo release, 2.6.2, adds many new features to the Felgo Apps components! You can also enjoy the new Online Documentation, which comes with a much better interface and sidebar navigation. Here is a list of the Felgo Apps & Documentation changes: New Android Material Design With this release, your Felgo app will automatically use the latest Android Material …

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  • featureedit

    The Best Tech Talks of the Qt World Summit 2015

    By Christian October 28, 2015

    Qt World Summit 2015 has already come and gone. Don’t worry if you missed the Summit though, we’ve got all the highlights for you right here! Check out Chris’s Felgo tech talk to find out how to boost your user retention and develop for multiple screen resolutions. You can also check out the list of our favorite tech talks from the world’s …

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  • app Examples-In-QtCreator

    Felgo 2.6.1 Release: Change Native UI At Runtime & Felgo Demos in Qt Creator

    By Christian October 20, 2015

    The latest Felgo release 2.6.1 adds two new features: Simulate Native Look & Feel of Different Mobile Platforms at Runtime In the latest release, you can simulate the native look & feel of mobile platforms at runtime from your PC. This means you don’t need to deploy your apps to mobile devices to test the appearance of UI and UX! …

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  • Flask of Rum

    Release 2.5.1: New Puzzle Game like 2048, New Slot Game and Slot Game API & Advanced Match-3 Game

    By Christian August 12, 2015

    Felgo 2.5.1 adds new game tutorials, examples and features. So update now if you like learning how to make new games! You’ll also be happy to hear that the Felgo Sample Launcher is now supported on Linux operating systems! You can check out three new games in the Felgo Sample Launcher. There is a new 2048 puzzle game, a slot machine game, …

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  • Make Qt 3D Games with Qt 5.5 and New Felgo Release 2.5.0 in 2019.

    By Christian July 1, 2015

    The new Qt release 5.5.0 adds a long desired feature: 3D support for Qt. The new Qt3D module allows 3D content within Qt applications. This is great news for all game developers, because 3D games are now possible with Qt and Felgo! Qt3D Use Cases Why is 3D support such a big deal? Felgo and Qt have always been 2D …

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  • Chicken Outbreak 2 - Falldown game by V-Play

    Update 2.4.2: New Action & Falldown Game Samples, License Update

    By Christian June 11, 2015

    The new Felgo update 2.4.2 adds two more sample games: the falldown game Chicken Outbreak 2 and the action game Crazy Carousel. Both games are included with full source code in the free Felgo SDK, and help you to learn Felgo faster. You can also use the games as a foundation for your own game. See below how to run …

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