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  • Chicken Outbreak 2 - Falldown game by V-Play

    Update 2.4.2: New Action & Falldown Game Samples, License Update

    By Christian June 11, 2015

    The new Felgo update 2.4.2 adds two more sample games: the falldown game Chicken Outbreak 2 and the action game Crazy Carousel. Both games are included with full source code in the free Felgo SDK, and help you to learn Felgo faster. You can also use the games as a foundation for your own game. See below how to run …

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  • Improve Your Cross-Platform Apps & Games with the New Google Analytics Qt Plugin

    By Christian May 21, 2015

    The new Google Analytics Qt Plugin allows you to improve your app or game with insights how your users are using your app. As app developer you get live data how often users open your app, how long they use it and how often they return (retention). It also gives you insights into your app’s audience. This includes information about …

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  • Beta Distribution For Mobile Qt Apps & Felgo Games with HockeyApp & Felgo

    By Alex March 25, 2015

    Testing your mobile game or app before releasing it to the app stores is a crucial task. Not only to find bugs but also to test the app’s user experience, balancing settings or just its long-term fun factor. Cause of this we are happy to introduce a new plugin for beta testing your apps: Felgo Qt 5 HockeyApp Plugin This …

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  • Qt 5 Push Notifications with Felgo’s Parse Push Plugin

    By Alex March 13, 2015

    Push Notifications are a great way to engage with your users. Earlier last year we released our Local Notifications Plugin. The plugin is great for time-triggered actions, especially for timer-based applications. Local notifications however are not working out when you need logic controlled outside of your apps, like it’s done for social games and social networks. Thus we are happy …

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  • Update 2.3.1: Felgo Qt 5 Plugin Import Changes, RayCast Support

    By Christian January 13, 2015

    Felgo version 2.3.1 is the first update in 2015 – we’re happy to start the New Year with these new features: Change of Import Path for Felgo Qt 5 Plugins Due to internal changes in Qt 5.4, we had to change the import path of the Felgo Qt Plugins. As a customer of the Felgo Indie License or above, you …

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  • Chartboost Qt Plugin 1.1 Released

    By Christian November 20, 2014

    As Chartboost released a new major SDK version (5.0) earlier this year it’s also time for an update for our Qt 5 Chartboost Plugin. Today we release version 1.1, read on to learn about new features and how to make your project ready for Felgo’s updated Chartboost plugin. Recap: What is Chartboost? Chartboost is an ad network specifically designed for …

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  • Qt 5 In-App Purchases with Soomla Plugin

    By Alex September 24, 2014

    Today it’s time to introduce a new plugin for monetizing your apps with in-app purchases across iOS, Android & Amazon: Welcome the new Soomla In-App Purchase Plugin for Qt 5 apps and Felgo 2 games. Cross-Platform In-App Purchases for Apple iOS App Store, Google Play Store & Amazon AppStore With the Soomla Plugin your Felgo 2 games can now support …

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  • Local Push Notifications for Your Felgo Games & Qt 5 Apps

    By Alex July 9, 2014

    Local push notifications are a great way to enrich your user’s experience within your apps & games. As local notifications are platform-dependent and there are no Qt APIs available yet, they were hard to integrate – until today! After a lot of feedback & plugin requests we are glad to release a new plugin: Local Notifications for iOS & Android With …

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  • How to Benefit from Facebook Login & Qt

    By Christian June 11, 2014

    A lot of apps & games today integrate a user account for personalizing the experience within the app. This often requires a custom user management backend for registration and login functionality. But there is an alternative to that: You can integrate a Facebook login just in a couple of minutes with Felgo’s Facebook Qt Plugin. To get started as fast …

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  • Integrate Facebook Plugin for Login & Social Sharing Into Your Felgo 2 & Qt 5 Apps

    By Christian May 28, 2014

    After the recent launch of Felgo Qt 5 ad plugins for AdMob & Chartboost we’re happy to announce our brand-new Facebook plugin for Felgo 2 apps & games today! Integrating the Facebook plugin into your Qt 5-powered apps & games brings you a couple of benefits, which you can read here, on the Felgo Plugins Website:   Show Facebook Plugin …

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