Qt 5 Push Notifications with Felgo’s Parse Push Plugin

By Alex

Push Notifications are a great way to engage with your users. Earlier last year we released our Local Notifications Plugin. The plugin is great for time-triggered actions, especially for timer-based applications. Local notifications however are not working out when you need logic controlled outside of your apps, like it’s done for social games and social networks.

Thus we are happy to announce the release of our Parse Push Plugin for iOS & Android.


Server-side logic for delivering cross-platform push notifications can be hard. Moreover you want to focus on building your app or game, not on back-end code. We therefore choose Facebook’s Parse Push service as push back-end. Parse allows sending push messages through their push web composer or from your own web server via a REST interface.

How Does It Work?

Integrating the plugin is as easy as usual with Felgo and QML:

Parse {
  applicationId: "<PARSE-APP-ID>"
  clientKey: "<PARSE-CLIENT-ID>"

  onNotificationReceived: {
    console.debug("Received new notification")

To learn more about integrating the Parse Push Plugin into your own code read on here:

How To Integrate Push Notifications in Your Apps & Games

Get Parse Plugin

The Parse Push plugin is available for iOS and Android. As with all our plugins the new Parse Push Plugin is included in your Felgo Indie Subscription and above. If you are not a member of the Felgo community you can also use it as a standalone Qt 5 plugin and get it here: plugins.felgo.com/plugins/parse/.

If there are any questions just leave a comment or ask them via our support channels. We are looking forward to your feedback!

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