• nasa-astronomy-picture-app

    Qt, QML and Felgo tutorial. NASA Astronomy Picture of the Day app for Desktop, iOS and Android

    By kiril.papaz@v-play.net March 21, 2019

    Javier did it again! Thank you very much for your NASA Astronomy Picture of the Day app tutorial. We at Felgo team enjoyed reading this easy-to-follow tutorial. We hope Felgo users will find it useful and put it into practice. This is the original article that we fetched below: This is an introductory tutorial to getting started with Qt/QML and Felgo …

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  • qt-machinelearning-tensorflow-Teaser

    Machine Learning: Add Image Classification for iOS and Android with Qt and TensorFlow

    By GT September 5, 2018

    Artificial intelligence and smart applications are steadily becoming more popular. Companies strongly rely on AI systems and machine learning to make faster and more accurate decisions based on their data. This guide provides an example for Image Classification and Object Detection built with Google’s TensorFlow Framework.   By reading this post, you will learn how to: Build TensorFlow for Android, …

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  • How to Install Felgo on Fedora Operating Systems!

    By Michael May 16, 2017

    This post was originally written by Luca at cialu.net and is being republished with his permission. Make sure to check out his blog for more posts related to Fedora operating systems and Android development. The Felgo team would like to thank Luca for writing such an awesome tutorial! Felgo cross-platform tool enhances the Qt core with components for app and game …

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  • feature

    Why Felgo Was the Best Choice to Make ‘Leap – Arcade: Retro Platformer!’

    By Michael September 15, 2015

    This guest post by Martin Gregory, an Indie developer from Australia was written while working on the platformer game ‘Leap – Arcade: Retro Platformer!’. He shares his process of finding the right game engine for a 2D platformer game and the development process that followed. Leap is a platformer that I’d previously prototyped in an open-source mobile game framework, but …

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  • Why I Chose Felgo to Develop my First Mobile Game?

    By Michael July 23, 2015

    Mathias Sundholm, an Indie game developer, is part of a team based in Germany that has just released a new mobile game, MAYA – Forgotten Tiles. MAYA – Forgotten Tiles is the team’s first mobile game and they wanted to make it one of the best in its genre! Mathias chronicles the development process of MAYA – Forgotten Tiles while …

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  • Guest Post: Why I picked Felgo over Unity, Unreal & Ogre for a 2D Game

    By Christian February 25, 2015

    This is a guest post by Jan, an Indie game developer from Germany working on the action game FrogaBee. He explains why he chose Felgo over Unity, Unreal & Ogre when he decided to make a 2D mobile game.   This is an abstract of how I created my first tiny little game called FrogaBee. As I am just one …

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  • Guest Post: How we created the Jump ’n’ Run game Pharaoh’s Escape with Felgo

    By Christian March 27, 2014

    In this guest post Florian & Thomas give insights how they developed the game Pharaoh’s Escape and share tips how to develop jump-and-run platformer games with Felgo. An Idea is Born We searched the web for some funny online games and we came across the simple game named “Crush”: in this game you control a single dot with the arrow …

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  • Guest Post: How to Use PhysicsEditor Colliders with Felgo

    By Christian March 20, 2014

    Since the last guest post from Niklas Hösl, one of the creators of the ski jumping game HighJump 2014, we have received many requests asking how they imported the physics shapes into their game. So read on and download Niklas’ tool to add any physics polygons to your Felgo game. As you know from my last post, we needed to …

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  • Marmalade vs Unity vs Corona vs Felgo | Guest Post

    By Christian February 3, 2014

    This is a guest post by forum user michael, an Indie developer from Australia currently working on a word puzzle game. With life, I’m inclined to take the road less travelled. For this reason, I also resonate with “alternative” development tools that work well, but perhaps use some other approach. So it was a nice surprise to come across Felgo. …

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