A button with a default style to be used together with SwipeOptionsContainer. More...

Import Statement: import Felgo 3.0
Since: Felgo 2.7.0



Detailed Description

The SwipeButton is a variant of the AppButton control intended to be used together with the SwipeOptionsContainer type. It comes with a default look that matches platform-specific styles.

 App {

   ListPage {
     //some JS array as list model
     model: [{text: "Item 1", detailText: "Detail 1"}, {text: "Item 2", detailText: "Detail 2"}]

     // define the SwipeOptionsContainer as delegate
     delegate: SwipeOptionsContainer {
       id: container

       SimpleRow {                         //actual content to be displayed in the list rows
         id: row

       leftOption: SwipeButton {           //left options, displayed when swiped list row to the right
         text: "Option"
         icon: IconType.gear
         height: row.height
         onClicked: {
           row.item.text = "Option clicked"
           container.hideOptions()         //hide automatically when button clicked

       rightOption: AppActivityIndicator { //right options, displayed when swiped list row to the left
         height: row.height
         width: height
     } // SwipeOptionsContainer
   } // ListPage


Property Documentation

hideOptionsOnClick : bool

If this is set, a click on this button will call hideOptions() of the containing SwipeOptionsContainer.

The default value is true.

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