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Convenience type to check pending requests when using HttpRequest. More...

Import Statement: import Felgo 4.0
Since: Felgo 2.18.1


Detailed Description

This item exposes properties that can be used to show an indicator when there are outstanding network requests in the application. There is a native implementation for iOS and there is also a generic implementation that works on all platforms (including iOS).

Only network request created by HttpRequest are considered.

The component is available as a singleton item and usable from all QML components that import Felgo via import Felgo.

Example Usage

 import Felgo
 import QtQuick

 App {

   Component.onCompleted: {
     // remove activation delay to immediately show the indicator for requests
     // otherwise, requests that take less than the default 150 ms won't trigger the indicator
     HttpNetworkActivityIndicator.activationDelay = 0

   NavigationStack {
     AppPage {
       title: "Network Activity Example"
       rightBarItem: ActivityIndicatorBarItem {
         animating: HttpNetworkActivityIndicator.enabled
         visible: animating

       AppButton {
         text: "Send Get Request"
         anchors.centerIn: parent
         onClicked: {
             .then(function(res) {
             .catch(function(err) {

Property Documentation

activationDelay : int

Time (in ms) to wait before enabling the network activity indicator after new requests have been initiated. The default is 1000 ms.

completionDelay : int

Time (in ms) to wait before disabling the network activity indicator after all requests have completed. The default is 170 ms.

enableNativeIndicator : int

A property that indicates if the native implementation of the activity indicator should be used. This feature is only available on iOS. The default value of this property is false.

enabled : bool

A read-only property that is true when Duperagent has a non-zero number of pending network requests. It can be used to show a busy indicator or some other visual element to indicate that something is happening.

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