Squaby Demo

A tower-defense game which uses AI, particles, physics and audio components. It's the most comprehensive demo game and uses most of the Felgo Components. It also contains an in-game level editor.

Genre Tower Defense
Complexity Advanced
Project Location <Path to your Felgo SDK>/Examples/Felgo/demos/Squaby/Squaby.pro
To run this demo, open the .pro file with Qt Creator. This demo is also available for quick testing with the Felgo Sample Launcher
Published iOS, Android, Windows, Mac


Squaby is a tower defense game of the Strategy genre.

Place the weapons strategically in the right spots along the monster's path to your bed. Earn gold for each stopped Squaby stepping out of your closet to build and upgrade towers - the scoring system rewards clever gameplay and bring you to the top leaderboard ranks.

Play in 10 thrilling levels created by the Felgo team and defend your bed in thousands of user-generated levels. You can then even create your own levels in minutes and share them with your friends and the player community. Collect rewards and spend them on new levels and challenge your friends or other gamers in the world.

Used Felgo Features
  • AI: Squabies move along a path, towers rotate towards a target
  • Particles: Smoke, fire, splatter effects
  • Physics: Used for collision detection when the Squabies enter the range of a tower.
  • LevelEditor: Create your own levels in the game and share them with others.
  • FelgoGameNetwork: Leaderboards per level, Achievements, Syncing Game Progress across devices & platforms.
  • Soomla In-app Purchase Plugin: Credits are used to download new levels. You can either earn these levels by publishing great levels and earning achievements, or you can buy them.
  • AdMob Plugin: Get revenue from ads shown in the GameOver screen.
  • Facebook Plugin: Sync the game state across multiple devices & platforms, together with FelgoGameNetwork.
  • Flurry Plugin: Analyze user behavior to improve the game.
Game Highlights
  • Free to play and new levels daily.
  • Extend your bed to an invulnerable fortress.
  • Build your own levels and share them with thousands of gamers worldwide.
  • Collect rewards & achievements for building cool levels.
  • Per-Level leaderboards showcase the best strategic players.
  • Level Sharing, Leaderboards & Achievements powered by Felgo Game Network.



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