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The VirtualPurchase item allows purchases with other items like an in-game Currency. More...

Import Statement: import Felgo 3.0


Detailed Description

Purchases with VirtualPurchase type allow a lot more flexibility on the game's design in comparison to purchases with StorePurchase type: Instead of providing each in-game good as dedicated in-app purchase through the platform app stores you can introduce a virtual currency, which can then be used by your gamers to buy your in-game goods. This approach has a variety of advantages:

  • You can change prices for virtual goods dynamically without the need to update app store entries
  • You can reward your users with single virtual goods or an additional currency amount without opening the platform app stores

Property Documentation

amount : real

The amount of the itemId you want to take off on every purchase with this purchase type. The amount can be seen as the virtual price of the enclosing good.

itemId : string

The itemId references the virtual good or item, mostly of type Currency, with which you want to purchase the enclosing good. The property is mandatory.