Felgo Apps Tutorials

Develop apps faster and better, with the help of our app tutorials.

There are also several video tutorials available:

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Getting Started App Tutorials

Learn the essential basics of creating cross-platform apps with Felgo.

Get Started | 15min | Essential

Basic App Tutorials

The most essential tutorials, teaching you the very basics of how to use Qt & QML to create apps with Felgo.

Learn the essential basics of creating cross-platform apps with Felgo.

Get Started | 15min | Essential

While originally created for developing games, this tutorial features a lot of info about Qt, QML and Felgo in general, be sure to check it out!

Get Started | 20min | Essential

Learn the most important aspects of creating objects in QML.

Basics | Easy

Learn different ways of communicating between QML objects, to create your application logic.

Basics | Easy

If you have an existing Qt Mobile App, you can extend your Qt application with Felgo components to improve your mobile app experience.

Basics | Advanced

Use Code Snippets for Apps

See here for a list of code snippets for common use cases. For example how to display a map, add a navigation control to your app, parse JSON or how to access a REST API from a server.

Resolution and Device Independence App Tutorials

How to design your app to support multiple screen sizes and screen densities with the help of Felgo.

Resolution and Device Independence | Easy

Internationalization App Tutorials

Learn how to create games or apps with translations to support multiple languages.


Internationalization | Medium

More Tutorials for Felgo & Qt

We have a long list of game related tutorials that teach many basics of Qt, QML and Felgo in general. This can also help you a lot to get used to Felgo.

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