Defines the default appearance of list sections based on the SimpleSection type. More...

Import Statement: import Felgo 3.0
Since: Felgo 2.6.2


Inherited By:

StyleSimpleSection and ThemeSimpleSectionCompact


Detailed Description

This type is used in the global Theme object to set the default appearance of SimpleSection items. You may access the settings with the Theme::listSection property.

Property Documentation

backgroundColor : color

The background color of the section row. By default the background color matches Theme::secondaryBackgroundColor on iOS and Theme::backgroundColor on Android.

dividerColor : color

The color of the row divider line. By default the divider color of the current Theme::listItem configuration is used.

dividerHeight : real

The height of the row divider line, in pixels. By default the divider height of the current Theme::listItem configuration is used.

enabled : bool

Whether sections should be clickable. This property is set to false by default.

fontBold : bool

Whether the SimpleSection::textItem should be bold. Matches the platform-specific style by default.

fontCapitalization : int

Sets the Text::font.capitalization for the SimpleSection::textItem element. It matches platform-specific settings by default.

fontSize : real

The text size of the SimpleSection::textItem, in pixels. By default, platform-specific sizes are used.

indent : real

The indent for the content of the list item, in pixels. The default indent of the Theme::listItem configuration is used.

selectedBackgroundColor : color

The background color of a selected section, in case it is clickable. By default the background color matches Theme::dividerColor.

showDividers : bool

Whether row divider lines are shown at the top and the bottom of the section. The color and height of the dividers are set by the dividerColor and dividerHeight properties.

textBottomMargin : real

The bottom margin applied to the SimpleSection::textItem, in pixels. It is configured to match platform-specific settings.

textColor : color

The text color of the SimpleSection::textItem. By default, the text color matches Theme::secondaryTextColor on iOS and Theme::tintColor on Android.

textHorizontalAlignment : int

Allows setting the horizontal alignment of the SimpleSection::textItem. It is set to Text.AlignLeft by default.

textVerticalAlignment : int

Allows setting the horizontal alignment of the SimpleSection::textItem. It is set to Text.AlignBottom by default.

totalHeight : real

Specifies the total height of the SimpleSection item, in pixels. It is set to platform-specific values by default.

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