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Deploying Felgo Games & Apps


Felgo 3 currently supports local development and deployment for the desktop platforms Windows, macOS & Linux and for the mobile platforms Android, iOS, Windows Phone & Windows Runtime.

Live Code Reloading on Desktop, Android and iOS During Development

You can test your code on Desktop, Android and iOS without any additional installation, using the Felgo Live Scripting app. For mobile platforms, download the app on Android or iOS and connect it to your Felgo Live Server. You can find more info here.

Felgo Cloud Builds CI/CD Service for Desktop, Android, iOS, Embedded and Web

Boost your Qt and Felgo development with continuous integration and delivery for Qt and Felgo projects. As the only CI/CD exclusively for Felgo/Qt, it enables you to build and distribute apps with minimum effort and maximum speed.

Visit Felgo Cloud Builds.

You can find more info here.

Felgo Deployment Guides