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An image item with rounded corners and an optional border. More...

Import Statement: import Felgo 3.0


Detailed Description

Displays an AppImage with rounded corners and an optional border.

The rounded corners are added using an OpacityMask from QtGraphicalEffects module.

Property Documentation

backgroundColor : color

The color of the image's background. The background will also have rounded corners.

By default, a transparent color and thus no background is used.

border : Pen

The border to be drawn at the edges of the RoundedImage.

By default, no border is drawn. To enable a border, set border.width and border.color properties.

fillMode : int

The image fill mode.

img : AppImage

The AppImage item used internally.

radius : real

The rounded corner's radius, in pixels.

Radius can at most be as large as half the width or height of the item itself, whichever is smaller.

By default, 4dp is used.

source : url

The image source.