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radius : real

This property holds the radius of the Circle in pixels. If you use a Circle shape, this property must be set! The default value is 0.

The collider will align its top left corner with the top left corner of the target Item. To correctly align the circle center, the target's width and height should be radius * 2. You can set it to half of the width of a round entity to approximate the physics shape from the Image like in this example:

 EntityBase {
  entityId: "circle1"
  entityType: "circle"
  width: circleImage.width
  height: circleImage.height

  Image {
      id: circleImage
      source: "img/circle.png"
      anchors.centerIn: parent // the CircleCollider has its origin in the top-left
  CircleCollider {
    // approximate the collider with the image size - if the image is circular, this is a good approximation
    radius: circleImage.width/2

x : real

This property allows to change the x position of the Circle's center.

y : real

This property allows to change the y position of the Circle's center.

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