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Multi-Scene-Multi-Level Demo

This demo is a project template that includes multiple scenes, multiple levels and loading levels at runtime. The usage of multi-resolution images and hardware back button handling are also part of this demo.

Genre Scenes
Complexity Simple
Tutorial How to create mobile games with multiple scenes and multiple levels
Project Location <Path to your Felgo SDK>/Examples/Felgo/demos/MultiSceneMultiLevel/
To run this demo, open the .pro file with Qt Creator. This demo is also available for quick testing with the Felgo Sample Launcher


The source code of this demo can be used as a basis for new games. It is also available as a template for new Felgo projects - select File/New Project in Qt Creator and choose the Felgo template Multi Scene Multi Levels.

It features multiple scenes, multiple levels, loading levels at runtime, multi-resolution images, animations and support for the hardware back button.

A tutorial about the creation of the project is available How to create mobile games with multiple scenes and multiple levels

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