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Connects 2 Joint objects together. More...

Import Statement: import Felgo 4.0



Detailed Description

A gear joint is used to connect two joints together. Either joint can be a RevoluteJoint or PrismaticJoint. You specify a gear ratio to bind the motions together: coordinate1 + ratio coordinate2 = constant. The ratio can be negative or positive. If one joint is a revolute joint and the other joint is a prismatic joint, then the ratio will have units of length or units of 1/length.

Warning: The revolute and prismatic joints must be attached to fixed bodies (which must be body1 on those joints).

Property Documentation

joint1 : Joint

The first connected Joint object.

joint2 : Joint

The second connected Joint object.

ratio : real

The ratio for connection between the two joints. It is used for calculating the connection constant = coordinate1 + ratio coordinate2

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