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Qt Sensors

The Qt Sensors API provides access to sensor hardware via QML and C++ interfaces. The Qt Sensors API also provides a motion gesture recognition API for devices.

Currently the API is supported on Android, iOS, SailFish and WinRT.

Information for Application Writers

Applications can access Qt Sensors using QML or C++.

QML Types Information about the Qt Sensors QML API
C++ Classes Information about the Qt Sensors C++ API
Qt Sensors C++ Overview High-level information on how to use the C++ API.
Sensor Gestures C++ Overview High-level information specific to sensor gestures
Examples Examples demonstrating the use of the Qt Sensors APIs

Information for Backend Implementors

Backend Information about the Qt Sensors back end
Qt Sensors - Grue Sensor Example The Qt Sensors - Grue Sensor Example demonstrates creation of a sensor backend

Compatibility with QtMobility Sensors API

Qt Sensors 5.0 (the initial release) is generally expected to be source compatible with QtMobility Sensors 1.2.

Porting Guide Information about the steps needed to port applications to the Qt Sensors API.

Platform-specific Information

Compatibility Map Compatibility map of all supported platforms.
Generic Backend Information about the generic sensor backend.
Sensorfw Backend Information about the Sensorfw sensor backend.
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