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A helper item for handling data reload actions as soon as the item becomes visible. More...

Import Statement: import Felgo 4.0




Detailed Description

This item is a convenience item that can be added as the header or footer of an AppListView.

As soon as the item gets visible within the AppListView the refresh signal is emitted. It's then possible to take appropriate actions in your app logic. This can be used to implement infinite scrolling for apps showing a news stream or similar data.

As an example you can load the next 20 tweets in your Twitter app as soon as a user scrolls to the bottom of the feed, as shown in the following sample:

 import Felgo

 AppListView {
   footer: VisibilityRefreshHandler {
     onRefresh: twitterCient.loadNextTweets()

After all elements are displayed in a list and there is no new additional data you might want to show, set canRefresh to false to prevent showing the item any longer. If your app supports true "inifite scrolling", you can keep the default value for canRefresh (true).

The default height is 48dp and the default width is the parent width. If the VisibilityRefreshHandler is invisible, its size is set to 0.

Customize the Delegate

An AppActivityIndicator is displayed by default during the refresh.

To set a custom Item instead of the default delegate, see this example:

 import QtQuick
 import Felgo

 AppListView {
   footer: VisibilityRefreshHandler {

     // disable the default view
     defaultAppActivityIndicatorVisible: false

     Rectangle {
       anchors.fill: parent
       color: "grey"
       Text {
         text: "Refreshing ..."
         anchors.centerIn: parent

     onRefresh: twitterClient.loadNextTweets()


Property Documentation

[since Felgo 2.17.1] canRefresh : bool

Use this property to control if the item should be shown or not within the contained AppListView.

By default the property is true. Set to false as soon as there is no more data you can load or show.

Note: Setting this property has the same effect as setting the item's Item::visible property. If the items is set to invisible, canRefresh is also set to false.

This property was introduced in Felgo 2.17.1.

[since Felgo 2.6.1] defaultAppActivityIndicatorVisible : bool

Holds whether the default AppActivityIndicator shall be visible. By default it is true.

Set this property to false to Customize the Delegate.

This property was introduced in Felgo 2.6.1.

listView : ListView

The AppListView this item belongs to. This property is set automatically to the parent as soon as the item gets set as the header or footer of an AppListView.

Signal Documentation


Emitted as soon as the item is visible due to scrolling to the very top or bottom in the contained AppListView. You can take appropriate actions to handle the data reload or load more items for your list.

Note: The corresponding handler is onRefresh.

See also canRefresh.

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