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Displays a clickable Icon inside a NavigationBar slot. More...

Import Statement: import Felgo 3.0



Detailed Description

This item can be used to display a static Icon inside the left or right NavigationBar slot. It also acts as a button and can be clicked by the user.

Example Usage

To have an icon in the right slot of a NavigationBar, which can toggle some other item, use this code:

 NavigationBar {
   rightBarItem: IconButtonBarItem {
     icon: widgetsPage.activated ? IconType.toggleon : IconType.toggleoff
     onClicked: widgetsPage.activated = !widgetsPage.activated

Property Documentation

color : color

Color of the icon. Default is Theme::navigationBar.itemColor.

icon : IconType

Sets the icon to be shown inside the item. Use one of the IconType constants.

iconSize : real

Size (height) for the icon to be shown, in pixels.

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