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An empty chain of points, or empty polygon (loop). More...

Import Statement: import Felgo 3.0



Detailed Description

A chain shape is a free form sequence of line segments. The chain has two-sided collision, so you can use inside and outside collision. Therefore, you may use any winding order. Connectivity information is used to create smooth collisions. WARNING: The chain will not collide properly if there are self-intersections.

Property Documentation

loop : bool

Determines if the end of the chain connects back to the beginning.

nextVertex : point

Establish connectivity to a vertex that follows the last vertex. Not used for loops.

prevVertex : point

Establish connectivity to a vertex that precedes the first vertex. Not used for loops.

vertices : list<point>

Contains a list of vertices, defined by Qt.point() objects in pixels, that make up the shape in a clockwise winding. If loop is false, the minimum number of vertices is 2. If it is true, the minimum number is 3.

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