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The SlotMachineReel element describes a reel to be displayed within the SlotMachine component. More...

Import Statement: import Felgo 3.0



Detailed Description

Each reel of a SlotMachine is described by an instance of the SlotMachineReel object. The corresponding reel in the slot machine is filled with items based on the model and delegate properties of the reel object. In addition, you can define the width of the reel by setting the width property. You can also specify a default value for each of these properties using the SlotMachine component. The default value is applied if no specific value is set.

For a more detailed description and examples on how to use the SlotMachineReel element, please visit the documentation page of the SlotMachine component.

Property Documentation

delegate : Component

The delegate that defines the appearance of the items on the reel. If no delegate is given, the default delegate of the SlotMachine component is used.

model : var

The model that defines the items of the reel. When the special SlotMachineModel is used, a random model for the reel is created based on a symbol and frequency definition. If no model is specified, the default model of the SlotMachine component is used.

width : real

Specifies the reel width in pixels. If no width is set, the reels use the defaultReelWidth of the SlotMachine.

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