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A mouse area that automatically adds a ripple effect on android devices. More...

Import Statement: import Felgo 4.0
Since: Felgo 2.6.2



Detailed Description

Property Documentation

backgroundColor : alias

The color for the background of the ripple effect.

cancelOnMouseMove : bool

Whether the mouse area cancels all mouse events if the mouse was moved more than 100 dp while being pressed. The default is true.

centerAnimation : bool

Whether the fill animation should always start at the center of the ripple effect. The default is false

circularBackground : alias

Whether the ripple effect uses a circular background (e.g. for icons) or a rectangular one (e.g. for items in a list). If set to true, the internal background rectangle is configured to show a default circle shape based on the RippleMouseArea::radius. This property is initially set to true.

See also RippleMouseArea::radius and RippleMouseArea::touchPoint.

clickedDuration : int

Duration of the ripple animation in milliseconds when the item is clicked. The default value is 150 ms.

fillColor : alias

The color for the animated circle of the ripple effect.

fixedPosition : alias

Specifies whether the effect should stay at a fixed position or follow the touchPoint. The default is true.

See also RippleMouseArea::touchPoint.

[since Felgo 3.3.0] hoverEffectEnabled : bool

Set this property to enable an hover effect for the ripple mouse area. It uses the color from backgroundColor.

This property was introduced in Felgo 3.3.0.

[since Felgo 3.3.0] hoverEffectRadius : alias

Alias to the radius used for the hover effect on desktop.

By default, this property is 0.

This property was introduced in Felgo 3.3.0.

pressedDuration : int

Duration of the ripple animation in milliseconds when the item is pressed. The default value is based on the item size.

radius : alias

Allows to add a radius to the effect background. Can be used together with RippleMouseArea::circularBackground to create different shapes. If circularBackground is set to false, the radius may be used to create a rounded rectangle. If set to true, the radius specifies the radius of the circle.

See also RippleMouseArea::circularBackground.

[since Felgo 2.18.2] rippleEffectEnabled : bool

Whether the mouse area shows a ripple effect when pressed.

This property was introduced in Felgo 2.18.2.

touchPoint : alias

Specifies the mouse touch point at which the ripple effect is displayed. If RippleMouseArea::circularBackground is set to true, the position of the current touch is used by default. Otherwise the effect is centered within the mouse area.

See also RippleMouseArea::circularBackground and RippleMouseArea::fixedPosition.

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