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Draws a debug view of the physics components. More...

Import Statement: import Felgo 3.0


Detailed Description

This draws a debug view of all fixtures and joints of the physics simulation. PhysicsWorld automatically includes a DebugDraw item, so it normally does not have to be used manually.

Property Documentation

axisScale : real

Scale factor for drawing the DebugDraw.

Default value: 0.5

flags : DebugFlags

With this property the DebugDraw can be configured, which objects should be drawn. It can be any combination of the DebugFlags enum, for example to draw only bounding boxes and joints, use

 flags: DebugDraw.AABB | DebugDraw.Joint

The default value is DebugDraw.Everything.

world : World

This holds the world for which the debug view is shown.

It is by default set to Box2D::defaultWorld.

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