Parallax Test

Genre Side Scroller
Project Location <Path to your Felgo SDK>/Examples/Felgo/examples/sprites/
To run this demo, open the .pro file with Qt Creator. This demo is also available for quick testing with the Felgo Sample Launcher


This test includes 2 different sub-test which can be enabled on demand.

ParallaxItem Test

This test demonstrates the ParallaxItem which enables parallax effects to attached objects. The test includes three ParallaxItem which move with different speed to create a depths effect in the background. The ratio property needs to be set for each ParallaxItem which is necessary to define the movement speed for all its children. This example does not include an endless background but such an endless scroll effect is demonstrated in the ParallaxScrollingBackgroundTest.

ParallaxScrollingBackground Test

This test demonstrates the ParallaxScrollingBackground item which creates a endless row of images scrolling into a specified direction. The test includes three ParallaxScrollingBackground items which move with different speed to create a depths effect in the background. The ration property for each object varies to generate a stronger occlusion effect. The movementVelocity property defines the speed and moving direction and the sourceImage and sourceImage2 define the visual appearance.

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