Felgo Video Tutorials

Fast-forward your development with the help of our video tutorials. This section was newly added and we will constantly grow the list of available video tutorials.

Video Tutorial: Learn Qt and QML to Create Native Cross Platform Apps with Felgo

Learn to build Qt-based cross platform apps for Desktop, iOS and Android with QML and Felgo.

Get Started | 4hrs | 44 lectures | Essential

Video Tutorial: Getting Started with Felgo for Games

Start with this tutorial to learn the very basics of developing games with Felgo.

Qt Creator Resolution Independence GameWindow Scene Timer Animations

Get Started | 20min | Essential

Video Tutorial: Felgo Visual Designer – Highlights Video

This tutorial video shows how to create mobile apps with Felgo using the Qt Quick Designer of Qt Creator.

Get Started | 14min | Essential

Video Tutorial: How to Add In-App Chat or Gamification Features

This video tutorial shows how to create cross-platform apps with user accounts & profiles, leaderboards, an in-app chat and custom user details stored in the cloud.

Game Network and Multiplayer | 10min | Advanced

Video Tutorial: Install Felgo

A quick guide through the installation steps for Felgo.


Installation | 5min | Essential

Video Tutorial: Android Deployment with Felgo

Shows how to deploy cross-platform apps and games to Android mobile devices, using Felgo.

Qt Creator Android Deploy

Deployment | 10min | Essential

Video Tutorial: Create a Mobile App with Firebase Realtime Database and Login

This Firebase tutorial shows you how the create a full cross-platform Android & iOS shopping list app with Firebase Realtime Database and Login.

Felgo Plugins | 81min | Advanced

More App and Game Tutorials

For more tutorials, visit the following documentation pages:

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