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Base type for NavigationBar items which can be clicked. More...

Import Statement: import Felgo 4.0


Inherited By:

IconButtonBarItem and TextButtonBarItem



Detailed Description

ButtonBarItem is an abstract base type for all NavigationBarItems which can be clicked by the user. It automatically provides a background that gets darker when the item is pressed.

Typically, this type does not have to be used directly, as sub types for the most common use cases, like displaying a button icon exist already.

To add custom items that can be clicked in a NavigationBar slot, derive them from ButtonBarItem.

Property Documentation

mouseArea : MouseArea

The MouseArea used inside the item. This can be used to change properties of MouseArea and react to signals, like long press.

Signal Documentation


Called when the item has been clicked.

Note: The corresponding handler is onClicked.

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