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The HockeyApp plugin provides beta distribution and crash reports for iOS & Android apps. More...

Import Statement: import Felgo 3.0




Detailed Description

HockeyApp is a great way to distribute your beta versions and collect crash reports during development of your apps & games.

Property Documentation

appId : string

The App ID of your app on HockeyApp for which you want to use HockeyApp.

disableCrashManager : bool

Set this to true to disable checking and sending crash reports.

disableUpdateManager : bool

Set this to true to disable app update checks with HockeyApp.

You should disable update checks for release versions of your app intended for app store distribution.

Method Documentation

void showUpdateView()

Call anywhere within your app to manually show the update view of HockeyApp, listing a possible update with release notes and previous updates.

Note: This method is iOS-only.

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