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PDF Utils

Felgo includes useful PDF features to work with PDF files.

Note: This feature was introduced with Felgo 4.0.0 and is not available for Felgo 3.

Display a PDF as Image

PDFPage Image Provider

Felgo includes the pdfpage image provider to show a PDF page from a given PDF file path as image.

To show the first page of a PDF, use the following source for an AppImage:

 AppImage {
   source: "image://pdfpage/" + pdfPath

To show a specific page of a PDF, use the following source for an AppImage:

 AppImage {
   source: "image://pdfpage/" + pdfPath + ":" + pageNumber

Supported Platforms

The pdfpage image provider is supported on Android, iOS and macOS platforms and uses the native platform APIs.

For iOS and macOS, you need to link the PDFKit framework. Open your project's .pro file and add the following lines:

   target_link_libraries(yourAppTarget PRIVATE "-framework PDFKit")

PDFViewer Example

The following example demonstrates how to use the image provider for a PDF viewer that downloads a PDF from the web:

 import QtQuick
 import Felgo

 App {
   id: app

   property int pageIndex: 0

   onPageIndexChanged: {
     if (pdfDownload.available) {
       pdfImage.source = "image://pdfpage/" + pdfDownload.storagePath + ":" + pageIndex


   DownloadableResource {
     id: pdfDownload

     extractAsPackage: false
     source: "https://felgo.com/resources/Felgo_Handout_for_Qt_Developers.pdf"

     Component.onCompleted: {
       if (pdfDownload.status === DownloadableResource.UnAvailable) {

   NavigationStack {
     id: stack

     AppPage {
       leftBarItem: IconButtonBarItem {
         iconType: IconType.arrowleft
         onClicked: app.pageIndex--

       rightBarItem: IconButtonBarItem {
         iconType: IconType.arrowright
         onClicked: app.pageIndex++

       title: "Page: %1".arg(pageIndex + 1)

       AppImage {
         id: pdfImage
         fillMode: Image.PreserveAspectFit
         anchors.fill: parent

         source: pdfDownload.available ? "image://pdfpage/" + pdfDownload.storagePath : ""

         smooth: true
         sourceSize.width: width
         asynchronous: true

         onStatusChanged: {
           if (status === Image.Null) {
             pageIndex = 0

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