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Information about a physics contact event. More...

Import Statement: import Felgo 3.0



Detailed Description

Contains information about an event where to fixtures collided. This type is only used in the World::preSolve and World::postSolve signals.

Property Documentation

childIndexA : int

The child primitive index for fixtureA.

childIndexB : int

The child primitive index for fixtureB.

enabled : bool

This property holds whether the contact event is enabled. If it is set to false in World::preSolve, the event will not be passed to the contact solve and thus have no effect and will be ignored.

The default value is true.

fixtureA : Fixture

The first contacting fixture.

fixtureB : Fixture

The second contacting fixture.

friction : real

Returns the contact friction and changes it.

See also Fixture::friction.

restitution : real

Returns the contact restitution and changes it.

See also Fixture::restitution.

tangentSpeed : real

Returns the contact tangent speed and changes it.

This can make bodies act like conveyor belts, as if their edges were moving.

See also Fixture::restitution.

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