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Use Plugins for Monetization, Analytics and more

Felgo offers plugins for a wide range of services. This includes:

  • In-App Purchases
  • Advertisements
  • Analytics
  • Notifications
  • Google Firebase
  • Facebook & Social
  • Crash Reports and Beta Distribution
  • Cloud Services

You can find more infos in the documentation: Felgo Plugins Documentation

This is a compact list of available plugins, for a better overview visit https://felgo.com/plugins:

AdMob Plugin

Integrate with AdMob to monetize and promote your apps & games with ads.

Amplitude Plugin

Integrate with Amplitude to get insights into your app's usage.

Apple Sign In Plugin

Let your users authorize with their Apple ID account on iOS devices.

Chartboost Plugin

Integrate with Chartboost to monetize and cross-promote your games with ads.

Facebook Plugin

Integrate with Facebook to help you build engaging social apps and get more installs.

Firebase Plugin

Add Google's Firebase for user authentication and access to the Firebase Realtime Database.

Flurry Plugin

Integrate with Flurry to get insights into your app's usage.

GameCenter Plugin

Integrate with GameCenter to send your games' highscores to Apple Game Center on iOS devices.

GoogleCloudMessaging Plugin

Integrate with Google Cloud Messaging Push to send cross-platform push notifications and increase your users' engagement.

HockeyApp Plugin

Integrate with HockeyApp for beta distribution & crash reports.

Notification Plugin

Schedule native local push notifications in your app.

OneSignal Plugin

Integrate with OneSignal Push to send cross-platform push notifications and increase your users' engagement.

Soomla Plugin

Integrate with Soomla to offer in-app purchases and a virtual economy model within your app.

Wikitude Plugin

Integrate with Wikitude to create augmented reality apps.

How do I set up push notifications?

Felgo supports both server-triggered and local notifications with Felgo Plugins. All plugins offer a platform-agnostic API and rely on native frameworks for each platform.

See the GoogleCloudMessaging Plugin or the OneSignal Plugin to add server-triggered notifications. Local notifications are available with the Notification Plugin. The following example schedules a notification to be fired after 5 seconds and trigger the notificationFired signal. You can also try to put the app in the background, to get the notification on your home screen. In this case, the notificationFired signal will be called when you enter the app after clicking on the notification.

 import QtQuick
 import Felgo

 App {
   NotificationManager {
     id: notificationManager
     onNotificationFired: notificationId => {
       NativeUtils.displayMessageBox("Notification", "id: "+notificationId, 1)

   Notification {
     id: idleNotification
     notificationId: "idleNotification"
     message: "Anyone here? Haven't seen you in a while..."
     timeInterval: 5 // in seconds

   AppButton {
     text: "Schedule Notification (5s)"
     anchors.centerIn: parent
     onClicked: {
       // Cancel old notification if scheduled
       // Schedule idleNotification

How do I log in with Facebook?

Felgo allows integrating Facebook with the Facebook Plugin. See the plugin documentation for more information and detailed integration steps.

How do I use Firebase features?

The Firebase Plugin is the right tool for integrating Firebase Authentication, Real-time Database or Cloud Storage features. See the plugin page for more information and detailed integration steps.

The Firebase Plugin has seen lots of improvements and new features lately. In case you are missing anything or run into issues, don't hesitate to get in touch!

How do I build my own custom native integrations?

In Felgo you code with QML, so going native first means to step into the Qt C++ world. You can find a guide how to mix Felgo QML code with Qt C++ components here: How to Expose a Qt C++ Class with Signals and Slots to QML

The demo is also available with the Felgo SDK: <Path to Felgo>/Examples/Felgo/appdemos/cpp-qml-integration

Working with your native Android code from C++ then requires JNI as the bridge between the two languages. Weaving in native iOS code is a little easier, as Objective-C is directly compatible with C++. But before you dive in too deep: Our developers are experts at building such native integrations, and we're happy to add features or build extensions as part of our support package offering!

More Frequently Asked Development Questions

Find more examples for frequently asked development questions and important concepts in the following guides:

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