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Crazy Carousel Game

In this demo game you collect coins while avoiding bullets by jumping between the rides of a carousel. It implements multiple game screens, uses several movement animations and also supports different device sizes and resolutions.

Genre Action
Complexity Medium
Tutorial How to Create the Crazy Carousel Game with Felgo
Project Location <Path to your Felgo SDK>/Examples/Felgo/demos/CrazyCarousel/CrazyCarousel.pro
To run this demo, open the .pro file with Qt Creator.


Crazy Carousel is a mini-game with the goal to collect as many coins as possible while avoiding to get hit by paper planes.

See the tutorial How to Create the Crazy Carousel Game with Felgo for a step-by-step guide how to create the Crazy Carousel game.

We also provide the full source code of Crazy Carousel made with Felgo in the Felgo SDK here.

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