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MVC Architecture Demo App

 import Felgo 3.0
 import QtQuick 2.0

 Page {
   id: page
   title: qsTr("Todo List") // use qsTr for strings you want to translate

   rightBarItem: NavigationBarRow {
     // network activity indicator
     ActivityIndicatorBarItem {
       enabled: dataModel.isBusy
       visible: enabled
       showItem: showItemAlways // do not collapse into sub-menu on Android

     // add new todo
     IconButtonBarItem {
       showItem: showItemAlways
       onClicked: {
         // use qsTr for strings you want to translate
         var title = qsTr("New Todo")

         // this logic helper function creates a todo

   // when a todo is added, we open the detail page for it
   Connections {
     target: dataModel
     onTodoStored: {
       page.navigationStack.popAllExceptFirstAndPush(detailPageComponent, { todoId: })

   // JsonListModel
   // A ViewModel for JSON data that offers best integration and performance with list views
   JsonListModel {
     id: listModel
     source: dataModel.todos // show todos from data model
     keyField: "id"
     fields: ["id", "title", "completed"]

   // show sorted/filterd todos of data model
   AppListView {
     id: listView
     anchors.fill: parent

     // the model specifies the data for the list view
     model: listModel

     // the delegate is the template item for each entry of the list
     delegate: SimpleRow {
       text: viewHelper.formatTitle(model)

       // push detail page when selected, pass chosen todo id
       onSelected: page.navigationStack.popAllExceptFirstAndPush(detailPageComponent, { todoId: })

   // component for creating detail pages
   Component {
     id: detailPageComponent