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C++ QML Integration Demo App

 #include "myqmltype.h"

 MyQMLType::MyQMLType() : m_message("")


 int MyQMLType::increment(int value) {
   return value + 1;

 void MyQMLType::startCppTask() {

 void MyQMLType::doCppTask() {
   // NOTE: you can do calculations here in another thread, this may be used to perform
   // cpu-intense operations for e.g. AI (artificial itelligence), Machine Learning or similar purposes
   // When the work is done, we can trigger the cppTaskFinished signal and react anywhere in C++ or QML

 QString MyQMLType::message() const {
   return m_message;

 void MyQMLType::setMessage(const QString& value) {
   if(m_message != value) {
     m_message = value;
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