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2048 - Puzzle Game

 import QtQuick 2.2
 import Felgo 4.0

 // GameBackground is our decorative layer
 // it holds our grid background. Of course it would be possible to just use an image instead, but we wanted to show you how to use the Grid component together with a Repeater to create such a layout.
 Rectangle {
   id: gameBackground
   width: gridWidth
   height: width // square so height = width
   color: "#4A230B"
   radius: 5

   // STATIONARY, IMMOVABLE orange grid
   Grid {
     id: tileGrid
     anchors.centerIn: parent
     rows: gridSizeGame // ”4” - in this case we don’t need to specify columns because the component will do that for us
     // Repeater fills our gameBackground with empty(orange) tiles
     Repeater {
       id: cells
       model: gridSizeGameSquared // ”16” - repeat times

       Item { // an invisible item holds our tile width and height. so we can adjust our margins and offsets
         width: gridWidth / gridSizeGame // ”300” / ”4”
         height: width // square so height=width
         Rectangle {
           anchors.centerIn: parent
           width: parent.width-2 // -2 is our width margin offset. set 0 if no offset needed
           height: width // square so height=width
           color: "#E99C0A"
           radius: 4
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