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BalloonPop Demo

 import Felgo 4.0
 import QtQuick 2.0
 import "entities"

 Scene {
   id: balloonScene
   // provide the pop sound public for the balloons
   property alias popSound: popSound
   // number of balloons currently on the scene
   property int balloons: 0
   // maximum number of balloons
   property int balloonsMax : 100
   // duration of the game in seconds
   property int time : 20
   // indicates if game is running
   property bool gameRunning: false

   // position the scene on the top edge
   sceneAlignmentY: "top"

   // used to create balloons at runtime
   EntityManager {
     id: entityManager
     entityContainer: balloonScene

   // make the balloons float up gently by using a low gravity
   PhysicsWorld { gravity.y: -1; debugDrawVisible: false }

   // background image
   Image {source:"../assets/img/clouds.png"; anchors.fill:gameWindowAnchorItem; fillMode: Image.PreserveAspectCrop}

   // background music
   //BackgroundMusic {source:"../assets/snd/music.mp3"}

   // the pop sound used by balloon entities
   // make it available to them with the id popSound
   GameSoundEffect {id:popSound; source:Qt.resolvedUrl("../assets/snd/balloonPop.wav")}

   // left wall
   Wall {height:gameWindowAnchorItem.height+50; anchors.right:gameWindowAnchorItem.left}
   // right wall
   Wall {height:gameWindowAnchorItem.height+50; anchors.left:gameWindowAnchorItem.right}
   // ceiling
   Wall {width:gameWindowAnchorItem.width; anchors { bottom:gameWindowAnchorItem.top; left: gameWindowAnchorItem.left} }

   // HUD
   Row {
     // position the HUD at the bottom of the game window
     anchors.bottom: gameWindowAnchorItem.bottom
     // make sure the HUD is always on top
     z: 2
     // info text area
     Text {id:infoText; width:200; height:40; text:"Loading balloons..."}
     // display remaining time
     Text {id:timeText; height:40; text:"Time: "+balloonScene.time}

   // starts the game
   function start() {

   // clear all baloons and reset properties to start values
   function reset() {
     balloons = 0
     time = 20
     infoText.text = "Loading balloons..."

   // create balloons with short intervals in between, creating a nice animation at the start
   Timer {
     id: spawnBaloons
     interval: 20 // milliseconds
     repeat: true
     onTriggered: {
       // after every 20ms we create a new balloon
       // if the maximum number of balloons is reached, we stop the timer and therefore the balloon creation
       // then we start the game
       if(balloons===balloonsMax) {
         running = false
         gameRunning = true
         infoText.text = "Hurry!"

   // game timer, default interval of Timer is 1 second
   Timer {
     id: gameTimer
     running: gameRunning // time only counts down if game is running
     repeat: true
     onTriggered: {
       // if time is over, or each balloon is popped, we stop the game and give the player some feedback about his success
       if(time === 0 || balloons === 0) {
         gameRunning = false
         if(balloons === 0) infoText.text = "Perfect, take a cookie!"
         else if(balloons < balloonsMax/2) infoText.text = "Well, that was decent..."
         else infoText.text = "Not your day huh..."

   // reset and start game 4 seconds after it is over
   Timer {
     id: restartAfterDelay
     interval: 4000
     onTriggered: {
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