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CarChallenge Demo

 import QtQuick 2.0
 import Felgo 4.0

 EntityBase {
   id: car
   // the enityId should be set by the level file!
   entityType: "car"

   property alias inputActionsToKeyCode: twoAxisController.inputActionsToKeyCode
   property alias image: image

   // gets accessed to insert the input when touching the HUDController
   property alias controller: twoAxisController

   readonly property real forwardForce: 8000 * world.pixelsPerMeter

   Component.onCompleted: {
     console.debug("car.x:", x)
     var mapped = mapToItem(world.debugDraw, x, y)
     console.debug("car.x world:", mapped.x)

   Image {
     id: image
     source: Qt.resolvedUrl("../../assets/img/car_red.png")

     anchors.centerIn: parent
     width: boxCollider.width
     height: boxCollider.height

     property list<Item> imagePoints: [
       // this imagePoint can be used for creation of the rocket
       // it must be far enough in front of the car that they don't collide upon creation
       // the +30 might have to be adapted if the size of the rocket is changed
       Item {x: image.width/2+30}


   // this is used as input for the BoxCollider force & torque properties
   TwoAxisController {
     id: twoAxisController

     // call the logic function when an input press (possibly the fire event) is received
     onInputActionPressed: actionName => handleInputAction(actionName)

   BoxCollider {
     id: boxCollider

     // the image and the physics will use this size; this is important as it specifies the mass of the body! it is in respect to the world size
     width: 60
     height: 40

     anchors.centerIn: parent

     density: 0.02
     friction: 0.4
     restitution: 0.5
     body.bullet: true
     body.linearDamping: 10
     body.angularDamping: 15

     // this is applied every physics update tick
     force: Qt.point(twoAxisController.yAxis*forwardForce, 0)
     torque: twoAxisController.xAxis*2000 * world.pixelsPerMeter * world.pixelsPerMeter

     Component.onCompleted: {
       console.debug("car.physics.x:", x)
       var mapped = mapToItem(world.debugDraw, x, y)
       console.debug("car.physics.x world:", mapped.x)

     fixture.onBeginContact: (other, contactNormal) => {
       var fixture = other
       var body = other.getBody()
       var component = other.getBody().target
       var collidingType = component.entityType

       console.debug("car contact with: ", other, body, component)
       console.debug("car collided entity type:", collidingType)

       console.debug("car contactNormal:", contactNormal, "x:", contactNormal.x, "y:", contactNormal.y)


   function handleInputAction(action) {
     if( action === "fire") {
       // x&y of this component are 0..
       console.debug("creating weapon at current position x", car.x, "y", car.y)
       console.debug("image.imagePoints[0].x:", image.imagePoints[0].x, ", image.imagePoints[0].y:", image.imagePoints[0].y)

       // this is the point that we defined in Car.qml for the rocket to spawn
       var imagePointInWorldCoordinates = mapToItem(level,image.imagePoints[0].x, image.imagePoints[0].y)
       console.debug("imagePointInWorldCoordinates x", imagePointInWorldCoordinates.x, " y:", imagePointInWorldCoordinates.y)

       // create the rocket at the specified position with the rotation of the car that fires it
       entityManager.createEntityFromUrlWithProperties(Qt.resolvedUrl("Rocket.qml"), {"x": imagePointInWorldCoordinates.x, "y": imagePointInWorldCoordinates.y, "rotation": car.rotation})

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