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CarChallenge 3D Demo

 var hits = 0;
 // Time in s how long after firing a rocket or a mine the car is invincible. This time depends on the speed of the rocket and the car (set it so the rocket will definetely be away from the car)!

 // this should be private - is there a way not to allow access to this variable?
 // set it to -delay, so at first press immediately a rocket can be created even if core time is 0
 var firetime=-delayMultipleFireActions;

 // needed to avoid being invulnerable to own fired weapons as well
 var justFiredWeaponId;

 // this may be set to rocket_green or mine after a collision with a weaponbox
 // for testing a specific type of weapon, this could be set to any and the car will have it at program start!
 var activeWeapon = "";

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