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ChickenOutbreak Demo

 <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>

     this maps a file URI to a content URI:
     mapped to:
     only the content: URI can be used by external apps like the camera (when targetSdkVersion >= 24)

     there are different types of paths that can be mapped:

     - NativeUtils.displayCameraPicker() stores the taken picture to the external Pictures directory
         - for this, the first entry is necessary.

     - add the paths you want to use with NativeUtils.openUrl() below:
         - <files-path ...> for FileUtils.DesktopLocation and others
         - <cache-path ...> for FileUtils.CacheLocation and others
         - <external-path ...> for most other FileUtils locations
         - the others are only necessary when using a custom URL

     <external-files-path name="images" path="Pictures"/>

     <cache-path name="cache" path="."/>

     <files-path name="files" path="."/>

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