BorderRegion.qml Example File

 import QtQuick 2.0

 import Felgo 3.0

 // the 2 BorderRegion entities (one on top and one on bottom of the screen) are not visible because they are offscreen
 // if the topRegion collides with a roost, a coin or a window, they get removed and used for pooling
 // if the topRegion collides with the player, that means the game is lost as the player got out of the scene on the top
 // the bottomRegion is only for detecting collision with the player, so if he falls through and cant stand on a roost, the game is lost
 EntityBase {
   id: entity
   entityType: "borderRegion"
   // either is topRegion or BorderRegion - topRegion removes the collided block or coin entity at collision, whereas BorderRegion doesn't!
   variationType: "topRegion"

   // will be handled in Level when the region collides with the player, which means the game is lost
   signal playerCollision

   // these only exist once and should not be pooled
   preventFromRemovalFromEntityManager: true

   BoxCollider {
     id: boxCollider
     // the body must be of type dynamic, otherwise no collisions between the other static bodies (roosts & coins) would be possible!
     bodyType: Body.Dynamic
     // this is required, because the position should not be modified from the physics system, but from the QML positioning!
     // if only sensor would be set to true it would not be enough, because then the body would fall down based on gravity!
     collisionTestingOnlyMode: true

     fixture.onBeginContact: {

       var fixture = other;
       var body = other.getBody();
       var collidedEntity =;
       var collidedEntityType = collidedEntity.entityType;

       console.debug("BorderRegion: collided with entity type:", collidedEntityType);

       if(collidedEntityType === "player")
         // game is lost, player reached top or bottom of scene
       else {
         // don't remove the collided entity if this is the bottomRegion, because entities are created outside the scene and thus they would constantly collide with the bottomRegion
         if(variationType === "bottomRegion")

         // do not remove this entity, as it is the one where the player should stand when it gets deleted!
         if(collidedEntity.entityId === "playerInitialBlock")

         // collision with another entity, so either a block gotten out of range, or a coin, which should be removed now (it uses pooling though!)

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