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Doodle Jump Game

 import QtQuick 2.2
 import Felgo 4.0

 EntityBase {
   id: platform

   entityType: "Platform" // always name your entityTypes

   width: 64 // visual width of our platform
   height: 32 // visual height of our platform

   // leaf image for platform
   Image {
     id: platformImg
     source: Qt.resolvedUrl("../assets/leaf.png")
     anchors.fill: platform

   // BoxCollider responsible for collision detection
   BoxCollider {
     id: platformCollider
     width: parent.width // actual width is the same as the parent entity
     height: parent.height - 20 // actual height is slightly smaller so the collision works smoother
     bodyType: Body.Dynamic // only Dynamic bodies can collide with each other
     collisionTestingOnlyMode: true // collisions are detected, but no physics are applied to the colliding bodies

     fixture.onBeginContact: (other, contactNormal) => {
       var otherEntity = other.getBody().target
       var otherEntityType = otherEntity.entityType

       if(otherEntityType === "Border") {
         platform.x = utils.generateRandomValueBetween(32, gameScene.width-64) // generate random x
         platform.y = 0 // the top of the screen

   // platform movement
   MovementAnimation {
     id: movement
     target: platform // which object will be affected
     property: "y" // which property will be affected
     velocity:  frog.impulse / 2 // impulse is y velocity of the frog
     running: frog.y < 210 // move only when the frog is jumping over the limit

   // wobble animation
   ScaleAnimator {
     id: wobbleAnimation
     target: platform
     running: false // default is false and it gets activated on every collision
     from: 0.9
     to: 1
     duration: 1000
     easing.type: Easing.OutElastic // Easing used get an elastic wobbling instead of a linear scale change

   // function to start wobble animation
   function playWobbleAnimation() {
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