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Durdles - 2-Player Action Game

 import QtQuick 2.0
 import Felgo 4.0
 import "../levels"

 // the bullets move in a stright line in a specific direction and explode on contact with solid objects
 // they decrease the player's health
 EntityBase {
   id: singleBullet
   entityType: "singleBullet"
   x: start.x
   y: start.y

   // make the start and velocity vectors accessible from outside
   property point start
   property point velocity
   property int bulletType // 0 normal bullet, 1 strong bullet

   // the visual representation of the bullet depends on the bulletType
   Image {
     width: 7
     height: 14
     source: bulletType ? "../../assets/img/Icicle.png" :  "../../assets/img/Snowball.png"
     anchors.centerIn: parent

   BoxCollider {
     id: boxCollider
     width: 10
     height: 10
     anchors.fill: parent
     collisionTestingOnlyMode: true
     density: 0
     friction: 0
     restitution: 0
     body.bullet: true
     body.fixedRotation: false // if set to true the physics engine will NOT apply rotation to it

     // handle the collision
     fixture.onBeginContact: (other, contactNormal) => {
       var collidedEntity = other.getBody().target;
       var otherEntityId = collidedEntity.entityId;
       var otherEntityParent = collidedEntity.parent;

       // destroy the bullet if it collided with anything but a lake or powerup
       if (otherEntityId.substring(0, 3) !== "lak" && otherEntityId.substring(0, 3) !== "pow") {

         // show a splat image for a certain amount of time after removing the bullet
               Qt.resolvedUrl("Splat.qml"), {
                 "z": 1,
                 "x": singleBullet.x,
                 "y": singleBullet.y,
                 "rotation": singleBullet.rotation

         // check if it hit a player
         if (otherEntityId.substring(0, 4) === "tank") {
           // call damage method on playerred/playerblue

   // animate the bullet along its x-axis
   MovementAnimation {
     target: singleBullet
     property: "x"
     velocity: singleBullet.velocity.x
     running: true

   // animate the bullet along its y-axis
   MovementAnimation {
     target: singleBullet
     property: "y"
     velocity: singleBullet.velocity.y
     running: true
     onStopped: {
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