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Flappy Bird Game

 # allows to add DEPLOYMENTFOLDERS and links to the Felgo library and QtCreator auto-completion
 CONFIG += felgo

 # uncomment this line to add the Live Client Module and use live reloading with your custom C++ code
 # for the remaining steps to build a custom Live Code Reload app see here:
 # CONFIG += felgo-live

 # Project identifier and version
 # More information:
 PRODUCT_IDENTIFIER = com.felgo.demos.flappybird

 # Optionally set a license key that is used instead of the license key from
 # main.qml file (App::licenseKey for your app or GameWindow::licenseKey for your game)
 # Only used for local builds and Felgo Cloud Builds (
 # Not used if using Felgo Live

 qmlFolder.source = qml
 DEPLOYMENTFOLDERS += qmlFolder # comment for publishing

 assetsFolder.source = assets

 # Add more folders to ship with the application here

 RESOURCES += #    resources.qrc # uncomment for publishing

 # NOTE: for PUBLISHING, perform the following steps:
 # 1. comment the DEPLOYMENTFOLDERS += qmlFolder line above, to avoid shipping your qml files with the application (instead they get compiled to the app binary)
 # 2. uncomment the resources.qrc file inclusion and add any qml subfolders to the .qrc file; this compiles your qml files and js files to the app binary and protects your source code
 # 3. change the setMainQmlFile() call in main.cpp to the one starting with "qrc:/" - this loads the qml files from the resources
 # for more details see the "Deployment Guides" in the Felgo Documentation

 # during development, use the qmlFolder deployment because you then get shorter compilation times (the qml files do not need to be compiled to the binary but are just copied)
 # also, for quickest deployment on Desktop disable the "Shadow Build" option in Projects/Builds - you can then select "Run Without Deployment" from the Build menu in Qt Creator if you only changed QML files; this speeds up application start, because your app is not copied & re-compiled but just re-interpreted

 # The .cpp file which was generated for your project. Feel free to hack it.
 SOURCES += main.cpp

 android {
     OTHER_FILES += android/AndroidManifest.xml       android/build.gradle

 ios {
     QMAKE_INFO_PLIST = ios/Project-Info.plist

 # set application icons for win and macx
 win32 {
     RC_FILE += win/app_icon.rc