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Flappy Bird Game

 import QtQuick 2.0
 import Felgo 3.0
 import "../common"

 SceneBase {
   id: scene

   property alias gameNetwork: gameNetwork

   property alias initialStateBeforeShow: gameNetworkView.initialStateBeforeShow

   GameNetworkView {
     id: gameNetworkView
     anchors.fill: scene.gameWindowAnchorItem

     // no achievements used yet, so do not show the achievements icon
     showAchievementsHeaderIcon: false

     onBackClicked: {

   FelgoGameNetwork {
     id: gameNetwork
     // received from the GameNetwork dashboard at
     gameId: 105
     secret: "flappyBirdDevPasswordForVPlayGameNetwork"
     gameNetworkView: gameNetworkView

     onNewHighscore: {
       if(!isUserNameSet(userName)) {
         nativeUtils.displayTextInput("Congratulations!", "You achieved a new highscore. What is your player name for comparing your scores?", "")

   Connections {
     target: nativeUtils
     onTextInputFinished: {
       if(accepted) {
         var validUserName = gameNetwork.updateUserName(enteredText)