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Flask of Rum - Slot Game

 import Felgo 4.0
 import QtQuick 2.0

 // load configuration
 import "../config"

 // define slot machine component
 SlotMachine {
   id: slotMachine

   // display three rows and five reels
   rowCount: 3
   reelCount: 5

   // we use the SlotMachineModel as a base class for the configuration object
   // so when we use it, we automatically get random reels with the configured symbols
   model: SymbolConfig

   // we use our Symbol item as the delegate to define the appearance of each symbol
   // the modelData variable contains the type, frequency and custom data of each symbol
   delegate: Symbol { imageSource: Qt.resolvedUrl("../../assets/")+modelData.data.source }

   // add slot machine background
   Image {
     anchors.fill: slotMachine
     source: Qt.resolvedUrl("../../assets/BGSlotMachine.png")

   // add slot machine reel separators (white lines)
   Image {
     anchors.fill: slotMachine
     source: Qt.resolvedUrl("../../assets/BarsSlotMachine.png")
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