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Flask of Rum - Slot Game

 import Felgo 4.0
 import QtQuick 2.0

 import "../config"

 Item {
   id: lineSymbol

   // define color of line to be used in symbol border and background
   property string color

   // define type to show correct symbol image
   property string type

   // add background
   Rectangle {
     anchors.fill: parent
     color: lineSymbol.color

   // add symbol
   Image {
     id: image
     anchors.fill: parent

     // read image source from configuration
     source: Qt.resolvedUrl("../../assets/")+SymbolConfig.getSymbolData(type).source

     // add a border
     Rectangle {
       anchors.fill: parent
       color: "transparent"
       border.width: 2
       border.color: lineSymbol.color
Qt_Technology_Partner_RGB_475 Qt_Service_Partner_RGB_475_padded