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Multi-Scene-Multi-Level Demo

 import Felgo 4.0
 import QtQuick 2.0
 import "../common"

 SceneBase {

   // background
   Rectangle {
     anchors.fill: parent.gameWindowAnchorItem
     color: "#49a349"

   // back button to leave scene
   MenuButton {
     text: "Back"
     // anchor the button to the gameWindowAnchorItem to be on the edge of the screen on any device
     anchors.right: creditsScene.gameWindowAnchorItem.right
     anchors.rightMargin: 10
     anchors.top: creditsScene.gameWindowAnchorItem.top
     anchors.topMargin: 10
     onClicked: backButtonPressed()

   // credits
   Text {
     text: "Credits to: YOU :)"
     color: "white"
Qt_Technology_Partner_RGB_475 Qt_Service_Partner_RGB_475_padded