EntityPropertiesMenu.qml Example File

 import Felgo 3.0
 import QtQuick 2.2

 Item {
   id: itemEditorWrapper
   property alias itemEditor: itemEditor
   property alias state: itemEditor.state

   width: scene.gameWindowAnchorItem.width/2.5
   height : scene.gameWindowAnchorItem.height

   ItemEditor {
     id: itemEditor

     width: parent.width
     height: parent.height

     currentEditableType: "FireParticle"
     property bool dataStorageLocation: false

   // Move out of the screen
   x: __outslidedX
   y: scene.gameWindowAnchorItem.y
   // Save the x position when the editor is slided out completely
   property int __outslidedX:  scene.gameWindowAnchorItem.x+scene.gameWindowAnchorItem.width

   // Add an additional offset to move the editor inside/outside of the visible screen.
   property int offsetX: __outslidedX-itemEditor.width

   // The duration of the slide animation for this editor
   property int slideDuration: 800

   // status at the beginning is outside
   property bool sliderOut: true
   Behavior on x {
     SmoothedAnimation { duration: itemEditorWrapper.slideDuration; easing.type: Easing.InOutQuad }

   onXChanged: {
     if(x >= __outslidedX) {
       itemEditor.visible = false
     } else {
       itemEditor.visible = true

   // add a button to slide the editor in and out
   MultiResolutionImage {
     id: pullUp
     width: 54
     height: 20
     // rotate button
     transformOrigin: Item.Center
     rotation: 90
     // move button to correct position
     x: -(height/2+width/2)
     anchors.verticalCenter: parent.verticalCenter

     source: "../assets/img/button-pullup.png"

     MouseArea { // MultiTouchArea
       width: parent.width+30
       height: parent.height+20
       x: -(width-parent.width)/2

       // It changes the x position of the itemEditor
       /*multiTouch.target: itemEditorWrapper
       // The editor should move only into X direction therefore block X direction
       multiTouch.dragAxis: MultiTouch.XAxis
       // limit the minimum and maximum of the touch area, because the
       // paddle should not move into the wall
       multiTouch.minimumX: itemEditorWrapper.__outslidedX-itemEditor.width
       multiTouch.maximumX: itemEditorWrapper.__outslidedX*/
       onReleased: {

   function slide(pos) {
     // close the about panel
     if(itemEditorWrapper.sliderOut) {
       // move out only if editor is out more than a half or completely hidden
       if(itemEditorWrapper.x < __outslidedX-itemEditor.width/2 || itemEditorWrapper.x >= __outslidedX) {
         x = offsetX
         itemEditorWrapper.sliderOut = false
       } else {
         x = __outslidedX
         itemEditorWrapper.sliderOut = true

     } else {
       // move in only if editor is in more than a half or completely out
       if(itemEditorWrapper.x > __outslidedX-itemEditor.width/2 || itemEditorWrapper.x <= offsetX) {
         x = __outslidedX
         itemEditorWrapper.sliderOut = true
       } else {
         x = offsetX
         itemEditorWrapper.sliderOut = false

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