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Particle Editor Demo

 import Felgo 3.0
 import QtQuick 2.2

 GameWindow {
   id: window
   // depending on which window size is defined as start resolution here, the corresponding image sizes get loaded here! so for testing hd2 images, at least use factor 3.5
   // the window size can be changed at runtime by pressing the keys 1-6 (see GameWindow.qml)
   screenWidth: 480*2//*1.5 // for testing on desktop with the highest res, use *1.5 so the -hd2 textures are used
   screenHeight: 320*2//*1.5

   // You get free licenseKeys from
   // With a licenseKey you can:
   //  * Publish your games & apps for the app stores
   //  * Remove the Felgo Splash Screen or set a custom one (available with the Pro Licenses)
   //  * Add plugins to monetize, analyze & improve your apps (available with the Pro Licenses)
   //licenseKey: "<generate one from>" ParticleEditorStyle {}

   // enable FPS in release mode
   //displayFpsEnabled: false

   // The entity manager needs to be defined before the scene, so it is available
   // during the destruction phase of the scene.
   EntityManager {
     id: entityManager
     entityContainer: scene

   //maximizeable: true
   //resizeable: true

   // The alias is needed so every EditableComponent knows the itemEditor.
   // EditableComponents are used in Entities which are created by the EntityManager.
   property alias itemEditor: scene.itemEditor

   // The game scene which includes everything presented on screen
   ParticleEditorScene {
     id: scene

   // Flurry is only available on iOS and Android
   Flurry {
     id: flurry

   Component.onCompleted: {
     var isFirstStartApplication = settings.getValue("firstStart")
     if(isFirstStartApplication == undefined) {
       // now the application was started at least once, so set the flag to true
       settings.setValue("firstStart", true)

   // on desktop platforms we do not want to share the particles over all applications in the document directory so we add a subfolder using the title. On mobiles each app has its own doc dir anyway.
   function getInternalStorageLocation() {
     var particleLocation = ""
     if(system.isPlatform(System.Mac) || system.isPlatform(System.Linux) || system.isPlatform(System.Windows)) {
       particleLocation = system.getConfigValue("title")+"/particles/"
     } else {
       particleLocation = "particles/"